Orccon 2015

Orccon 2015 is our inaugural convention appearance. Preregistration is on Warhorn —link. (Opens in the same tab)
Don’t miss our Battle Interactive on Sunday at 2pm!!

Keep your Friday and Sunday of Orccon 2015 free and join us.

We have four new adventures we are running and our special Battle Interactive: Invasion.
The adventures will take your PCs to four different areas of Nyrond to defend her against invaders. The four adventures are:

The elves of the Gamboge have long tormented the Orcs of the Bone March. The orcs have gained new allies from the south, among them fearsome Barlgura. Can the elves survive the demon known as Elfbreaker? A one-round adventure for characters level 1-6.
Friday at 2pm

Whither Wragby
A raging storm has forced you to take shelter in the fishing village of Wragby on Nyrond’s coast. The morning after the storm broke a Royal Navy Captain and his bodyguard wash up. Their ship the HMS Intrepid is beached on a nearby tidal flat missing her prisoners – the infamous buccaneer Capt. Bellamy and his crew. A one-round sandy adventure for characters levels 1-4.​
Friday at 7pm

Deeper Downward
Return to Urgo’s Mine on a dangerous rescue mission beneath the Flinty Hills! An homage to the legendary Principality of Ulek scenario “Further Downward” written by Christopher Reed. A dungeon crawl set in the Prelacy of Innspa for characters level 1-4.
Sunday at 9am

The forces of darkness are closing in on Nyrond. Can you rally the forces of good, and the Gnatmarsh, to its defense? A battle interactive for characters level 1-6.
Sunday at 2pm

Information on registering for the con can be found at the following link to Strategicon Orccon 2015. Make sure to count yourself as a member of the RPGA for the discounted convention rate.

Orccon 2015

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