GreyhawkReborn LA

Gamex 2015

In the books! Thanks for the good times everyone.

Greyhawk Reborn at Gamex, May 22-25 2015

Our games will run May 22-25, at Gamex 2015. Register at:

Theme: We have a series of modules…Nyrond against Elemental Evil that will premier at this convention.

Children of the New Age: Friday at 2pm (Replay Sat 9am)
High Tide: Friday at 7pm (Replay Sun 7pm)
Earthgate: Saturday at 2pm (Replay Sun 2pm)
Return to the Abbey of Ice: Sunday at 9am
Elemental Evil Interactive: Saturday at 7pm (tentative).


The elves of the Gamboge have long tormented the Orcs of the Bone March. The orcs have gained new allies from the south, among them fearsome Barlgura. Can the elves survive the demon known as Elfbreaker? A one-round adventure for characters level 1-6.

Adventure Log
Adventures and Modules for GHR

Welcome to the adventure log page. Here is a complete listing of all our available adventures.

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Northern Nyrond

Tunnel Fighter

Southern Nyrond
Whither Wragby

Deeper Downward

Special Adventures


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