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Greyhawk at Gateway 2015, September 4-7, 2015

We have a mixed schedule this time. Some 5e and some newer systems with adventures in Greyhawk. You can register for the games through the Strategicon registration system. If not, the sign up sheet for the games will be at the RPG table in the basement.

Saturday is three slots of all Greyhawk Reborn.

Whither Wragby: Saturday at 9am
Oldred Under Dark: Saturday at 2pm
Northern Alliances: Saturday at 9am

We also have two other systems we will be using the Greyhawk setting with.
Fantasy AGE x Greyhawk: Friday at 8pm

Torchbearer x Greyhawk Sunday at 2pm

Read all the blurbs for the adventures at Gateway 2015.
Try something new while keeping the same familiar setting.

Welcome to Greyhawk Reborn Los Angeles

Welcome to Greyhawk Reborn Los Angeles. If you are new to Greyhawk, welcome to the original setting for the D&D game. If you are an old Greyhawk player, welcome back and thank you.

Follow our story on Twitter:
The Princess of Nyrond: https://twitter.com/NyrondsPrincess
The Prelate of Innspa: https://twitter.com/PrelateAnarkin
Dame Naddi Bloomgen: https://twitter.com/DameNaddi

What is Greyhawk Reborn LA?
Greyhawk Reborn is an open campaign (similar to living campaigns such as Pathfinder Society and the D&D Adventurer’s League) set in the world of Greyhawk. The Los Angeles area has the Kingdom of Nyrond as our home region, so most adventures will take place in Nyrond or its nearby nations. Other regions of the U.S. play different adventures, each set in a different region of Greyhawk. For example, Greyhawk Reborn in Pennsylvania adventures in Keoland, and Greyhawk Reborn in New York has the Sheldomar Valley as its home region.

The Story of Nyrond, Our Home Region
Like many kingdoms, Nyrond was ravaged by the Greyhawk Wars in 582. After emerging from the Wars, Nyrond was embroiled in a war for succession between Good King Lynwerd and his brother the Black Prince Sewarndt. In the Living Greyhawk campaign, King Lynwerd killed Sewardnt in the war. At the end of that campaign, King Lynwerd’s daughter, the Princess of Nyrond, was born.

It is now fifteen years since the Princess’s birth. King Lynwerd and the Princess know that a great evil that stirs in the east where Nyrond borders the Kingdom of Ahlissa, the successor to the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy. Ahlissa is a land of wicked necromancers and fierce Hextorites. Always, war with Ahlissa is near.

The Princess now seeks to rebuild relationships with old allies were neglected during the Greyhawk Wars under her grandfather, King Archbold: The elves of the Gamboge Forest, the zealots of the Theocracy of the Pale, the Dwarves and Gnomes of the Flinty Hills, and even with the mysterious emperor of the desert to the west, which rumor says is slowly transforming into a grassy plain. The Princess needs brave men and women to help Nyrond, for war is coming.

Rules for Playing in Greyhawk Reborn
Greyhawk Reborn has special character creation guidelines. The variant human from the Player’s Handbook is not allowed and is replaced by the human races of Greyhawk, which each feature an appropriate feat.

The Campaign Guide, which includes a list of gods, can be downloaded at http://www.greyhawkreborn.com/.

Greyhawk Reborn uses adventure records to track character advancement and wealth. At the completion of each adventure, you will receive an adventure record that details the favors your character has earned as well as special treasure your character may purchase. Make sure to save all of your adventure records. You will have many chances to use the favors you earn in your adventures.

Play Opportunities
The Greyhawk Reborn LA has one “main game” per month. This takes place at the Pasadena D&D Meetup at Game Empire on the first Saturday of the month. Each main game has a module premier in the first slot (2:30pm-6:30pm) and then a replay of the previous months’ module in the second slot (7:00pm-11:00pm). You can sign up to play on Warhorn.

You can also play Greyhawk Reborn at all three of the Strategicon conventions. We run games on the Friday of each convention. The Friday schedule will include a single module in the early slot and a nighttime battle interactive. The battle interactive is special to each convention and will not be replayed. The events and actions your characters take in the adventures before each battle interactive will determine the story of the battle interactive. The results of the battle interactive will also influence the adventures after the interactive. This way players have much more control on the directions of the campaign and your actions matter. A core value of this campaign is that PC actions should matter.

We will not run games on Saturday or Monday of the convention (unless by special request), so you can enjoy the Greyhawk Reborn campaign on Friday and Sunday and then enjoy the Pathfinder Society or D&D Adventurer’s League with the rest of the days of the weekend.

Contact the Campaign
You can contact me through the Obsidian Portal email system. We will also be opening the forum system on this website towards the end of the month. I am also available in person on the first Saturday of every month at the Pasadena D&D Meetup at Game Empire.

In the meantime, please create a character using the character menu on the left! Thank you for visiting.


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