Gateway 2015

Blurbs for all adventures at Gateway 2015:

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Whither Wragby
Levels: 1-5
A raging storm has forced your party to take shelter in the fishing village of Wragby on Nyrond’s coast. The morning after the storm broke a Royal Navy Captain and his bodyguard wash up – two castaways from the HMS Intrepid. She lies beached on a nearby tide flat that is shunned by the villagers. The Intrepid’s cargo was the infamous buccaneer Capt. Bellamy, his crew and booty.
A one-round stand-alone universal wilderness adventure set in Wragby during CY 615 for levels 1-4.

Oldred Under Dark
Location / Geography: Kingdom of Nyrond beneath the southern coastal city of Oldred.
Adventure Introduction: The Southern Nyrond port city of Oldred is the center of commerce and crime on Relmor Bay. The city’s fortunes have been good in recent years leading to new building and new trade. A few days ago a sinkhole formed in the street next to a new building construction site revealing an old limestone quarry and catacombs. The city guard has cordoned off the site and rumors of strange things are circulating. Someone should probably go check it out and get to the bottom of things. A one-round dungeon delve for characters levels1-5.

Northern Alliances
The Frost Barbarians in the northern lands are under attack from the Great Kingdom and the servants of Hextor. Nyrond asks you to help defend your northern allies. A one-round wilderness adventure for characters levels 1-5.

Greyhawk with Other Systems

Fantasy AGE x Greyhawk
Hounds of Chaos Friday at 8pm
This is an adventure using the Fantasy AGE rules and the Greyhawk setting. Servants of Chaos hunt an important noble in the north of Nyrond. He has hired you to help him eliminate the threat that haunts him.
The Dragon Age Quick Start Rules can give you an idea of how to play the system.
Dragon Age Quick Start or Direct Link to the PDF

Torchbearer x Greyhawk
Sea Salvage Sunday at 2pm
Torchbearer is dungeon crawl roleplaying game and love letter to Basic D&D. This dungeon crawl takes place near Wragby. The adventurers are asked to salvage cargo from a crashed ship off the southern coast of Nyrond. Beginners welcome.
Sunday at 2pm
Torchbearer website

Gateway 2015

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